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January 2022
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Sleep Deprivation Costing U.S. Billions, Presented by Therapy Alternatives
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“According to a RAND report, the economic impact of sleep deprivation on the U.S. economy now tops $411 Billion.”

According to a recent news release, the economic impact of sleep deprivation on the U.S. economy now tops $411 Billion. Said another way, 1.2 million working days are lost due to tired or absent employees, representing 2.28% of the GDP of the United States.

Brazos Minshew, Traditional Naturopathy educator interviewed Dr. Joshua Tobin, neurologist of Xenoscience and 21st Century Neurology concerning the difficult medical condition called Fibromyalgia. Dr. Tobin, a well-known medical doctor in Phoenix, Arizona described fibromyalgia as a condition which is anchored in sleep deprivation.

According to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, fibromyalgia causes widespread pain, fatigue, sleeping problems and emotional distress. Further, the CDC says “People with fibromyalgia may be more sensitive to pain, called abnormal pain perception processing.” The CDC estimates “about 2% of the adult population” are actually diagnosed with fibromyalgia. However, because of the difficulty in making the diagnosis and the scarcity of trained experts, Dr. Tobin believes that the condition is significantly underdiagnosed; he estimates the prevalence is closer to 5%. He agrees with the CDC that fibromyalgia “can be effectively treated and managed.”

As an educator, Brazos Minshew teaches about the importance of refreshing sleep in the time-honored conventions of Traditional Naturopathy, Traditional Asian Medicine, mind-body medicine and the healing traditions of Potawatomi Native culture. He states, “We can see by these reports that Sleep deprivation is more serious than commonly believed. In fact, a lack of sleep is bankrupting our economy as well as our health.”

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